“As a senior level executive, HireTalent has been a pivotal partner in helping me grow our organization over the past 5 years. HireTalent executive search consultants have worked closely with our organization both on recruiting and retention strategies for the employees they help us bring in. HireTalent is a very trustworthy and genuine search in this industry, they are a true pleasure to work with. I am comfortable having discussions with them on everything from hiring confidential executive level searches to junior level candidates, negotiating contracts, and retention. If you are looking to hire, or network, I would highly recommend getting in touch with HireTalent. They have an expansive and powerful network!””

— VP of Systems Infrastructure, $9B supply chain management firm

“Over the years I have consistently received high caliber candidates that are not only skilled, but also a cultural fit. Before I started working with HireTalent, I generally would have to go through at least a dozen candidates with a search firm until they understood our needs. HireTalent is one of the best and most trustworthy search agencies I have worked with.”

— SVP of Technology, major e-commerce retailer

“We were in a rapid growth phase in our company and needed to hire rapidly but control costs. We utilized HireTalent’s Project Based Search solution which allowed us dramatically reduce recruiting costs by 20% by working with HireTalent exclusively. We set monthly hiring targets and they delivered!”

— CEO, Venture-Backed Mobile Media Startup

“We are a very dynamic organization. HireTalent has a strong staffing engine which would get us great candidates within 24 hours. Working with the team means working with an honest broker and partner that has complete involvement with the search from beginning to end — that is something that you don’t get with larger firms.”

— VP of Technology, Major Investment Bank

“HireTalent started off working with our organization on high level executive searches. They did such a great job for organization filling spots that were open for in excess of 1 year that we expanded their relationship to help us with our MSP staffing needs as well. HireTalent makes tremendous resource commitment to complete their work in a very timely manner, bringing only the most qualified candidates to be evaluated. I would highly recommend working with HireTalent to any organization looking to hire.”

— Senior Recruiter, Major Financial Services Software Company

“HireTalent is a very ethical organization which works well as an extension of an internal recruiting team. HireTalent would truly be an asset to any organization looking to grow their organization quickly with a trust worthy agency. One of HireTalent's strengths was building strong relationships with their candidates and with their clients. I would highly recommend HireTalent!”

— VP of Human Resources, Fortune 50 Insurance Company

“The HireTalent team’s insights, detailed approach and ability to focus on what drives and motivates leaders are why they are the successful in executive search. No question invaluable to a company building its leadership team”

— VP of Human Resources, Big 4 Consulting Firm

“HireTalent knows the search business! They are highly responsive and get strong results in a timely manner. The candidates we landed had direct experience and are impact players on our team. We would use them again and highly recommend HireTalent.”

— COO, Luxury Travel Company

“HireTalent has been an integral part of our talent management strategy. Since partnering with them in 2005, we have received nothing short of excellence. Their industry knowledge, thoroughness, responsiveness and supportive approach to recruitment have produced consistent results for our firm. We highly recommend their services to employers and candidates who are seeking positive representation in the marketplace.”

— GM, Major Publishing Company

“HireTalent is an important strategic partner to many of our portfolio companies. HireTalent has been critical in attracting many of our most successful executives. The team at HireTalent takes the time to thoughtfully diligence a company and develops a keen understanding of what the characteristics of a person need to be for our organization. HireTalent has become one of our trusted partners.”

— VP of HR, Major Private Equity Company


"For over 8 years, HireTalent not only became one of our top vendors in our MSP Program but also one I came to rely on and trust. 

After I left my last employment, HireTalent was one of the first suppliers I contacted for assistance because I knew they would lend a helping hand and I was right.  While interviewing for a position, they offered to help me with a mock interview and even went out of their way to write up a letter of recommendation which I hadn't even asked for.  I knew they did not have to do this but it was something I truly appreciated.”


— Quote attribution


"It's rare when you come across an individual that you can trust both professionally and personally.  I had the pleasure of working with HireTalent for the past 5 years while supporting a major MSP in the financial services industry.  HireTalent set the perfect example of what a Supplier/MSP partnership should look like. 

When I started my job search a few weeks ago, I knew exactly who to call.  HireTalent has been a huge help and there is no way for me to thank them for everything they have done for me thus far.  From resume feedback to new MSP introductions (they know everyone in the industry!!) and keeping me motivated as my search goes on, I am thankful to have HireTalent by my side during this time.  As a supplier partner, a leader, a manager and a friend, Ashish earns my highest recommendation." 


— Quote attribution