Conscious Conversations - Our New Event Series

On January 16th, 2019, Consciously Unbiased's Ashish Kaushal, Akilah Cadet, Kokeb Zeleke, Alison Mackay, Anita Scott and Dana Shaw are proud to be hosting an informal discussion in San Francisco, CA around all things Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Join us for round table discussions with fellow-like minded peers to share your voice. 

How many events are happening about diversity, inclusion, equity, etc.?

A lot!

How many of them are put on by a panel who preach to an audience without much engagement?

A lot!

Who has solved the mystery of diversity in tech?

No one yet...

Why should you attend this one?

Because we're flipping the switch on events.

We decided to flip Unconscious Bias training into something tactical.  Come and find out what it's all about.