"What we actually learn, from any given set of circumstances, determines whether we become increasingly powerless or more powerful."

Blaine Lee



Hire Talent has the broad perspective of working across industry with clients, MSP providers, and program teams responsible for the strategy and execution of contingent workforce management.  We leverage our depth of experience and expertise in the talent management community and share it through our White Papers.

Our approach is collaborative and supportive of the evolution of our industry.  To explore any of these topics further, please contact us at (646) 790-8356 or info@hiretalent.com.

Driving Improvements in Established MSP Programs
December 2015

The MSP model is here to stay. How can we ensure continued process improvement for our existing programs? We discuss current value adds and challenges, as well as strategies to ensure ongoing program improvement from our roundtable meetings at the CWS Summit 2015.

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Statement of Work Program Absorption
January 2016

What effect does the absorption of an SOW population into a Managed Service Provider or Internally Managed Program have on the contingent workforce?

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IMP vs. Third Party Programs
February 2016

Should we manage our contingent workforce operations... or should they?

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